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Terms and Conditions

The information contained in Energias Madeira platform is destined to:
a) provide information about energy and energy generation for self consumption, in the territorial scope of Madeira Autonomous Region;
b) collect data related to the user’s household energy consumption activities, appliances, and expenses with such  in order to provide accurate detailed feedback about user’s conditions;
c) be analyzed, treated and to be published for scientific purposes.

Personal Data

The user expressly acknowledges that, in order for ACIF-CCIM to provide the information and services described in Energias Madeira platform, it needs to collect and process certain information about the user, including personal data.
Before making his personal data available to ACIF-CCIM, the user must consult the terms and conditions for the collection and treatment of his personal data, which are available for consultation in the Privacy Policy.
The Privacy Policy must be accepted prior to making your personal data available. If you do not agree with its terms, you should not provide your personal data to ACIF-CCIM. In this case, the user expressly acknowledges that the provision of the contents and services indicated in the User Area may not be possible.

Exclusion of Warranties and Liability


All constant content on this platform is property of ACIF-CCIM and cannot be reproduced without previous authorization, being under the protection of Copyright law and related rights and by Industrial Property law. By accessing Energias Madeira platform, the user is authorized to any use in any way under aforesaid law terms.
Copyright and related rights from portals and links belong exclusively to the owners of these portals, to texts authors, or to whom is stipulated on respective usage guidelines.


ACIF-CCIM does not control, in general, the use that users and/or third parties make of the Energias Madeira or the information and content eventually included in it by third parties, not guaranteeing that users and/or third parties use the Energias Madeira platform in compliance with the law, these general conditions, morals, good customs and public order. Thus, to the maximum extent permitted by law, ACIF-CCIM is in no case responsible for the use that users and/or third parties can make the Energias Madeira platform.
Nonetheless our effort, ACIF-CCIM cannot assure content is completely updated, being at own content level or unaffiliated content. Therefore, ACIF-CCIM is not responsible for the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the content presented on this platform, as well as the up-to-dateness, quality, security and lawfulness of it’s links or it’s links content, since it cannot guarantee the management of unaffiliated portals content.
ACIF-CCIM  is not responsible, nor could be, for any direct damage, indirect damage or loss, resulting from the use of information contained on this platform or portals it references (links) existing no juridical relation between ACIF-CCIM and the users, nor mutual rights and obligations.
ACIF-CCIM reserves the right to change, exclude or add any information on the portal without previous warning. Likewise, ACIF-CCIM reserves the right to suspend or cancel the disclosure of specific content or even the platform itself.


Users can only access the platform and the information it contains for lawful purposes.
If the user detects any inaccuracy or incorrection on the platform content or portals it refers, he/she should communicate to the address smile@prsma.com.
The information provided on downloadable files does not constitute nor can it be interpreted as service providing.

Service availability

Due to the complexity of internet data transmission, it’s not possible to us to guarantee that there exists no disturbance or even service interruption at any time, caused by accidental damage, unrelated constraints or third-party unauthorized intrusion.

Complaints and suggestions

Any complaints or suggestions can be submitted by electronic mail to smile@prsma.com
After processing, they will be replied to the electronic address provided by the user.

Acceptance of terms of use

By using Energias Madeira platform, the user accepts it’s terms and conditions.
The present platform is ruled by Portuguese Law, being appropriate for any possible dispute on Madeira courts.